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Why dōTERRA?

The opportunity to gain freedom from poverty, from the chains of oppression, sickness, illiteracy, and hunger are key reasons I choose to purchase my oils, and grow a business with dōTERRA. Co-Impacting takes into consideration the plant, people, and product. If one is not getting critical attention then the entire synergy will be off. I have peace of mind that each drop is helping more than the person it physically touches.

Essential Oil Education


Robert Tisserand - Aromatherapy's leading expert, Robert Tisserand's website is filled with information on essential oil education, safety, and research.


Dr. Robert Pappas, Ph.D. - Dr. Pappas is a Ph.D. chemist.  His website is a great chemical reference database for essential oils.


Dr. Josh Axe - Dr. Axe has been seen on the Dr. Oz show.  His website is not only has great information on essential oils, but on nutrition and whole health for the whole body.  This link will bring you to his essential oil section, but don't miss out on his other articles!


Celebrating Life, Facebook Page - Visit my Facbook page for more info, including classes and giveaways!

Upcoming Classes


Are you interested in learning more about essential oils? Want to further what you already know or do you want to introduce a loved one to the power of essential oils? Then come to one of our many classes!

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