Clients and their baby

"I would not have been able to do this without (Korina.) She helped give the courage to know that my body can do this and I will do wonderful at it."

- Christina Sohler

"Korina kept me grounded and focused and help me achieve my desired end result: A natural, medication and intervention free vaginal delivery!"

- Tiffany

My sweet client, Tiffany and I

"Our birth was wonderful: lights dim, candles lit, essential oils diffusing, and a wonderful doula sitting outside my birth tub with a cool wash cloth and ice water and a hand to hold. We couldn't imagine our Son's Birth without (Korina) there."

- Jenessa Greene

Helping Janessa labor

"Thanks to the help of Yada, Jennifer, Korina and Michael we welcomed a beautiful 9lb 2oz baby girl 100% naturally! There is no way I could’ve done it so calmly and easy without their help!"

- Breonna

Breonna's sweet bundle