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31 Days of Intentionality

Time to overhaul your day to day habits that aren’t serving you! Introducing the 31 Days of Intentionality Challenge! I have linked arms with a powerhouse woman! Ally Turner is a young mom of two boys who has worked as a CrossFit coach for 6 years. She is an athlete, and leads by example as she transforms peoples lives by coaching them into achieving their goals through nutrition, fitness and solid daily wellness choices. I’ve served women since 2006 as a birth doula with a strong focus on holistic health. I focus on practices that support optimal health for mama and baby individual to their specific needs. Every women is unique and therefore needs to have options they can implement that work for them in all aspects of health.

  • Do you have a hard time being consistent?

  • NEED accountability for yourself?

  • Desire more energy?

  • Want to feel better mentally, emotionally and physically?

  • Say YES to your health and jump into this 31 day challenge with me!

As a birth doula, and mama of four rowdy boys, it’s crucial to have good self care. If your cup is empty, how the heck can you pour into others without being completely drained? I wholeheartedly believe that every single person needs to create intentions for their day to be successful! I know how challenging it can be to create consistency in your day. That’s where the 31 Days of Intentionality Challenge comes in...... Together we will learn to create achievable, daily habits and keep each other accountable while transforming our self care routine for the better. This Challenge will consist of 👇🏼

  • Taking our daily supplements for