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Plant Sex: AKA essential oil formation

How does an essential oil actually form? Let’s talk about plant sex for a minute! I hope it doesn’t offend you, because plant sex is vital to our planets existence! You and I are part of the fertility process and I’ll explain how.

Plants that reproduce sexually are known as flowering plants. They have two distinct sex cells. Male sex cells are in the pollen, and female sex cells are in the ovaries. The start to an essential oils life begins with these two.

How does the plant actually “do it,” resulting in the production of essential oils? Let’s dive in!

Over the summer the sweet-smelling plants were so irresistible you plucked the bloom right from it, lifted the intoxicating smell close to your nose, took in the aroma, ohhhhh it was SO good.

Guess what? This innocent pluck dismembered the reproductive organs of the plant. It’s ok, there’s plenty of plant love in the works.