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From Intentional to Unified!

This year has been incredible to say the least. Not easy, but incredible. My word for 2018 was "Intentional." A strong focus was on being intentional with my words. There is power behind our words, and to nurture my growth, words had to be omitted that stunted progress. Junk yard words include: try, but, just, need to, can’t, impossible, hard, not enough time, busy, want. These are total downers and anchor our self growth. I’ve taken many face plants while intentionally catching them from slipping from my lips. The focus is on reprogramming my brain to throw out words that stimulate thinking, problem solving, positivity, and success. Baby, I pull the anchor of junk yard words upwards, and keep pulling allow movement in ALL areas of life to happen. The sails of success and growth are released to catch the winds and head toward intentional relationships with family, friends, customers, and above all with my Lord.

A few areas I’ve been intentional in is my parenting. The good Lord knows that there’s been many nights I pray for forgiveness and self control to do it better the next day. I’m intentional to organize my piles of laundry and not have them take over, and one of these years I’ll be intentional to get it all done, but for now that’s not priority. I’m also being intentional about what I shove into my face. Yes, I LOVE food and feel that my purpose on earth is solely to try it all...alas God calls me into deeper missions, lol! A good friend taught me to eat ONLY what makes me feel beautiful. That was mind blowing. Through this practice my body is nourished, and goals in the area of health are achieved, totally a win, win!

There are many areas I’ve lasered into with my intentionality, that a chapter book could be written to share it all. Allow me to share one last one, it’s a doozy... My marriage has been a BIG, hairy beast to be intentional with. Baggage, addictions, anger, frustrations, hurt, have been at the center of my intentional work. Open communication, putting God first and foremost, and a beloved counselor was our ground zero. There’s zero shame in bringing on a counselor to help the communication breakdown, friends. A solid counselor/therapist acts as Switzerland, a neutral party to help bridge our two worlds! My husband and I have been incredibly intentional to look at how we each can fix ourselves not the other.