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Empowering Women Across the Globe

Let’s start right here at home! As a it’s so important to stand with a tribe of people that share the same views on serving and caring for others. My passion is in serving women during their most vulnerable and important times of their lives; birth. DōTERRA has allowed me to wrap my love around mamas even more so than before with the healing capabilities of essential oils. Not only do I get to empower mamas in multiple ways during childbirth, but I get to impact the globe helping young women appreciate their cycles and ability to carry life by purchasing oils! Days For Girls is a nonprofit dōTERRA that partners with. Our founder and CEO, Emily Wright, explains more in this 3 minute video clip. Here is one more awesome one minute clip. Let’s go on a visit to Nepal. Nepal was hit my a 7.8 earthquake in April and again May of 2015! More 9,000 people were killed and 22,000 injured. The poverty stricken nation had to rebuild from the ground up. Women are the backbone of the family. We carry day to day load of feeding, teaching, and caring for our children. DōTERRA doesn’t turn an eye to devastation, to hunger, or to slavery, they get in and help rebuild through partnership and creating sustainability. Nepal is a beautiful country that has partnered with us offering wintergreen and Spikenard. They now have the ability to provide for their families and bring hopes and dreams to reality. The idea that my oil purchase helps my family and helps the Nepalese people is a double win! Creating a future for our farmers one drop at a time, one purchase at a time! This video is a great watch. Spread your wings and fly over to Somalia. Frankincense is one of my favorites and a staple that goes into almost every recipe I make. It’s the one oil that enhances the benefits of every other oil. This oil can support healthy cellular response, proliferate mutating cells, supporting skin and the respiratory system. It’s got so much history that’s mind blowing! At one time this oil was more valuable than gold. If it’s good enough for the Christ child it’s darn well good enough for us! DōTERRA Frankincense partnership is changing women lives, offering them safety, fair pay, and education. Every purchase of Frankincense builds back into the community and allows the young girls a chance to go to school, which never happened before dōTERRA came into partnership with them. Life changing events and growth happening due to your Frankincense purchase! Here is an excellent video that’s under 5 minutes that explains our partnership in a nutshell! Time to settle in and come to a close with our chat on women around the globe. Let’s center ourselves and listen to Elena Browner talking on using the Yoga Blends to bring us balance, peace, and en