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Diamond, Baby!

I’m beside myself with excitement to share a HUGE milestone recently achieved in my business! The rank of Diamond has been attained 3+ times which means my family will be in dōTERRA Leadership Magazine! Stella, of Stella Maris Photography, gave me a sneak peak into our photo session. DōTERRA will pick from her beautiful work of pictures to use in our photo-spread. What an honor and treat to be featured! What I can’t get get over is that I didn’t do anything special to earn this. Two main ingredients that will get anyone to their goals: consistent action, and ongoing self development. Other ingredients used were sharing science, continued education, and most importantly teaching folks to take the lids off the oils and start dropping! It’s a beautiful testimonial to how many people are looking for options and alternatives to the current healthcare options. I love that we get to take advantage of the technological advancements of modern medicine and couple it with an age old modality of care that’s proven effective from the beginning of time, plant based healing. I’ve had the sheer joy of sitting with hundreds of families and traveling the world to empower others. This is my career…It still seems surreal! Myself and many others get to share natural remedy options for a living. We get to watch people light up as they find relief and support from using these oils. I look forward to doing it every morning. If you’re someone who has allowed me to help you, thank you! It’s so much fun to see you, see families, changing up routines for less toxic options! It’s a GREAT joy and passion of mine to build friendships, relationships, and empower people to understand their options. From the day I learned about these little gift I knew they were going to fall into the 80/20 law of healthcare in our home. 80% of the time we remedy at home, catch things early, and use our natural tools to support the immune systems effort to care for our bodies. 20% we source our for help! We love our pediatricians, chiropractor, LMT, marriage counselor, nutritionist, orthopedic surgeon, and midwives! My husband, kids and I I get to bless people every day, God has been so good. My husband and I want to shine Gods light each day as we go out and share His love and natural remedies He blessed us with! Thank you for being part of the Oil Journey, and if you’re not getting oily yet contact me so we can get you set up, you’ll soon learn what the excitement is all about! Cheers to Celebrating Life!