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MamaBaby Haiti Mission Trip

My husband Mickey and I will be going to a Birth Center called MamaBaby Haiti 🇭🇹 located in Cap Haitian. We are beside ourselves excited! A team of volunteers including birth doulas, midwives, nutritionists, home repair volunteers and a professional photographer, are all in Haiti bring a helping hand to the birth center.

The men will be flew out to work on the birth center kitchen on the 11th, going straight to Cap Haitian to get the kitchen updated. Their work load is heavy, but what a blessing it will be to have an updated kitchen!

The women headed to Port-a-Prince for a two day midwifery conference. Most of the clinics, birthing centers, and women care providers are collaborating in one spot. This meeting is to pass needed information to those on the same mission, to improve maternal and neonatal care in Haiti. They are working together to pass critical information, educate, and remedy serious situations. Year by year, working together we will improve the neonatal and maternal statistical outcome for this beautiful nation!

After the conference we will take a bumpy, warm, 8 hour bus up to Cap Haitian to join the men and work with the staff in the busy birth center. Many women and babies are receiving the best care available. It’s an honor to help and assist in this mission to save babies and mamas. We plan to go into the mountains and slums offering care to many who’d go without. We will be offering AromaTouch essential oil massages to our Haitian midwives that dedicate their lives to serving women.<