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Take Back Your Voice

Statistics show people unanimously want to be healthier. It's their number one concern globally. Many people feel dis-empowered, helpless, and afraid because prevention is not something mainstream medicine focuses on. We wait until the roof comes crashing down on our health, then sign up to see the doctor. By then our body has been sending defeating alarms telling us somethings off, yet we ignore the cry for help due to lack of time, money, resources and education. This isn’t the way it has to be! There are options that’ll empower us, give us back control, and be the healers God intended us to be in our homes. We can proactively and confidently taking back our right to wellness emotionally, spiritually and physically. I believe God created us for far greater things than to go through life in a walking coma, a drone, with no fulfillment, or legacy to be left. My husband and I love self informed health care options. A modality of care that’s safe and effective for the entire family. Within dōTERRA we can dream big and take control of our heath options. One oil, one drop at a time. Every person around the globe is worthy of having an abundant life full of health, no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, or demographic location. Essential oils are a modality of care that creates self awareness, heightening our senses to care for our minds, bodies, and spirits with intuition, purity, and sustainability. Every person around the globe can benefit from essential oils. Many companies are trying to mimic doTERRA’s success by offering essential oils. They won’t be effective nor metabolized properly because some of them contain synthetic components. Headaches, toxicity, and respiratory discomforts can stem from synthetics in essential oils. dōTERRA will remain the leaders in essential oils with many trying to replicate the success. The other oil companies are missing many ingredients to re-create the epic secret sauce! The dōTERRA mission statement and story is powerful: Integrity can’t be replicated. 5 years on trial by another oil company did nothing but price them blameless and honorable. The jury waited after the verdict was given to meet the owners and talk with them. They were impressed at their commitment to excellence. How cool is that? Prevention and consistency is the name of the game. We work out, eat clean, fill our head with positive thoughts, attend bible study, meditate, and offer our health long term benefits through consistently, essential oil routine is exactly the same. Everyone in my family receives care based on the 80/20 rule. 80% empowered self care routines with essential oils and dōTERRA supplements. This will keep us fighting sniffles, bugs, seasonal discomfort, stress, digestive support, itchiness, and so much more.

20% is sourcing out to our ND, chiropractors, midwives, OB, massage, family doctor, etc. Daily health habits will provide long lasting benefits reducing the stress that 78% of Americans. Our team, Team Celebrating Life, prides itself by sharing with integrity,