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I want to personally welcome all our new oily family members and say hello to all you seasoned team members! Wow, we are growing like crazy! You’re part of a world wide movement. A movement that is revolutionizing healthcare as we know it and validating essential oils as a solid modality of care. dōTERRA partners with prestigious medical universities around the world and puts an emphasis on research. They offer education to everyone who’s willing to learn. Essential oils have been around for thousands of years, effectively, and gently working their therapeutic benefits. My experience alone has been enough to make me a believer. Seeing results first hand has been incredible. Myself, my kids, my husband, and my doula clients have all been blessed by dōTERRA’s essential oils! Thank you for allowing us to serve you! My team is filled with personal testimonies from many different people. My team consists of brand new members as well and seasoned members. We have moms, grandmas, dads, doctors, nurses, midwives, flight attendants, real estate agents, vet techs, therapist, counselors, military personnel, administrative personnel, teachers, house cleaners, humanitarian workers, sales photographers, firefighters, entrepreneurs, and many more. Everyone here are equals, and appreciated for their individuality and what they can offer from their life experiences. Respect, and no judgment is name of the game! It’s my privilege to help you opt into informed self care routines that can support many areas of wellness from emotional, physical, and spiritual. I like to look at our overall health and apply the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time we can remedy and use our wellness options for sniffles, sore muscles, cramps, coughs, wound care, stress management, reducing toxic load intake, supporting proper nutrition, and aiding the body as we exercise and tone. 20% of our healthcare is sourced out partnering with professionals who hear our needs, wishes and desires for holistic approaches. We may need surgeons at times, or specialists. We can source out to midwives as we bring babies land-side, chiropractors to bring balance, acupuncturist, nutritionists, MD’s, therapist, all while using our dōTERRA oils products to aid in the work of those people we partner with to make a better us. Are you ready to be a torch bearer of empowerment, of encouragement, of informed self care options? Are you excited to be part of a world wide movement that wants their voice heard? I am, have been, and never plan to stop. Let’s travel this journey together, and uplift each other as we learn how to create personalized routines for ourselves and those who are open to learning!! Welcome to Team Celebrating Life!!

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