Why Join LRP?

Why the heck take part in the Loyalty Reward Program (LRP) dōTERRA offers? LRP is a monthly adjustable ordering program that allows you to pick and choose what you want, growing your collection of oils.

A sprinkle of something good once in a blue moon has never changed a human's life. Healthy food, exercise, meditation, schooling, mastering an art/sport takes years of dedication and consistency creating an outcome that manifest excellence. Opting into a wholesale account with dōTERRA, investing in that $35.00 membership fee or starter kit, means you’re ready to make some lifestyle changes. This is a wellness lifestyle. It’s an intentional effort to be proactive about what we are putting into our bodies for healing, and aiding in long term wellness. It’s going to take more than one drop of oil every now and then to give preventative results, remedy acute ailments, or find relief and mending for chronic situations.

The antioxidants essential oils offer provide a powerful fight to the oxidative stress our bodies deal with daily. This results in damage to cells, mitochondria, and even DNA (genes). Antioxidants are the champions of the cell MMA world! They give a beat down to free radicals. Antioxidants work with the bodies natural defense mechanism to support healthy cell function! We also know essential oils are so tiny in molecular make up the can pass ever barrier in the body. They penetrate the oily membrane of a cell to fight a virus, they break through the outer shells of bacteria aiding in breaking it down. Essential oils go to work on our behalf just as they do for the plants they are a part of.

More than ever, we have environmental toxic factors that we can’t prevent. The factors that we can control are exercise, diet, stress, and toxins all through informed self care options. With oils, it’s a lifestyle like eating well, exercising, and. managing stress load.

When people invest into oils they invest one a lifestyle choice. The purity, sourcing, and integrity of our company is superb. Instead of purchasing everything from a corporate chain store we can buy from a company that’s founded with the people, plants, and products in mind through the promise of co-impacting. None of those things are overlooked. Each one requires the utmost attention and respect in order to have a effective, powerful, potent product. We can purchase oils, vitamins, and spa and facial products from a company that stands behind their ingredients and sourcing.

We can buy everyday household items and pay ourselves back for doing so in points, free oil, even compensation for sharing. Most families spend more than $100.00 a month buying items we need throughout the month from OTC items, pain meds, doctor visits, travel expenses, co-pays, ER visits, prescriptions... It all adds up. DōTERRA offers a preventative lifestyle that’s backed by science and it comes with a team, support, product info, and education that gives value. Offering value and being present in the team is very important to me.

We encourage each person to research, ask questions, apply and find the right remedies for each situation being dealt with. DōTERRA went with the model of person to person sharing because there’s too much information pertaining to the products to offer on grocery store shelves.

It’s my passion to empower families through their pregnancies and births. Essential oils offer the same empowerment, giving the power back to the family members to be the healers that God intended us to be! LRP is a beautiful way to build up your medicine cabinet creating an informed self care routine.

Each day our body’s chemistry changes and our needs for the oils change. The oil's base chemical profile can help depending on what your body is going through. Keep adding your wish list oils, the ones you run out of, and gaining more knowledge on the benefits of the little brown bottles that make lasting impact on your life and the world.

Our partnerships offer timely pay, no middle man, and sustainable sourcing. 3/4 of our partnerships are with third world countries. Your purchase does much more than bless your family, it creates a life, a thriving community but that’s a whole other blog wrote up!

When you sign up for the LRP program, you will get back points each time you place your order. You can then use those points to receive the items you've been wanting for free! It's a win-win. Free product. Healthy family. Sustainable practices. So what are you waiting for? Ask me how you can enjoy the benefits of LRP!

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