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Why Join LRP?

Why the heck take part in the Loyalty Reward Program (LRP) dōTERRA offers? LRP is a monthly adjustable ordering program that allows you to pick and choose what you want, growing your collection of oils.

A sprinkle of something good once in a blue moon has never changed a human's life. Healthy food, exercise, meditation, schooling, mastering an art/sport takes years of dedication and consistency creating an outcome that manifest excellence. Opting into a wholesale account with dōTERRA, investing in that $35.00 membership fee or starter kit, means you’re ready to make some lifestyle changes. This is a wellness lifestyle. It’s an intentional effort to be proactive about what we are putting into our bodies for healing, and aiding in long term wellness. It’s going to take more than one drop of oil every now and then to give preventative results, remedy acute ailments, or find relief and mending for chronic situations.

The antioxidants essential oils offer provide a powerful fight to the oxidative stress our bodies deal with daily. This results in damage to cells, mitochondria, and even DNA (genes). Antioxidants are the champions of the cell MMA world! They give a beat down to free radicals. Antioxidants work with the bodies natural defense mechanism to support healthy cell function! We also know essential oils are so tiny in molecular make up the can pass ever barrier in the body. They penetrate the oily membrane of a cell to fight a virus, they break through the outer shells of bacteria aiding in breaking it down. Essential oils go to work on our behalf just as they do for the plants they are a part of.

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