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Grace Under Fire. Literally.

Earlier in the month my amazing friend, house cleaner, and dōTERRA team member, potentially saved my family's lives. A huge thanks to Erin Dolan for her quick thinking. We are truly blessed to be alive and well due to her quick thinking. It was a normal day. My baby Kaleb, and I were laying for a nap (may I repeat laying for a nap, not actually sleeping, because that’s how naps unfold at our house with Kaleb the 2 yr old). I was working strong to get him to sleep but to no avail, when Erin asked if I would come to the laundry room. She thought there was a smoke smell and needed another nose to confirm.

After coaching Kaleb on the importance of staying in his napping position until I get back, I followed her down the hall. We opened the door to the garage and I immediately smelled the familiar smoke smell. Erin looked at me and I assured her she was spot on. We stopped the dryer to get to the bottom of its rebellious act.

Upon opening the square, white door, I saw a faint roll of smoke coming out. It was light enough I had to move around to make sure it was not steam but smoke. I called my father-in-law out to help us figure out the next step. Was it fire, was it smolder, was it going to burst into flames, was the gas dryer going to blow when it burst into flames, and my baby is on the other side the wall sleeping (hypothetically)?

Grandpa came out, took the dryer door off like a pro and quickly saw the culprit. The lint was EVERYWHERE!! The pipe inside the dryer was not connected to the dryer-blower-out-thing that transfers the lint to the pipe outside the dryer and then to the outside of the house. The lint journey was cut off much too prematurely that it looked like a pillow inside the dryer. It was black from smoldering into what seemed a little fire that could have turned into a very large one. The dryer was shot. We even took it in to a repair store and they said the dryer must be retired from doing 10 loads a day.

My GOSH, what the what? We rely on that thing so much and the first thought that came to my head was how easy it is to take for granted such small things in our life. Those small things aren’t really small until they’re gone, then they’re monumental!

The alternate of this wonderful experience would look like our house catching fire, the gas pipes exploding, my baby suffering horribly from it, our animals being lost, and our days spent at hospitals rebuilding. None of that happened! It was all what-if’s: What if Erin didn’t stop by my house? What if the dryer went into full flames not just smoldering?

My message is to express my gratitude. The laundromat had 4 loads a day (the dryers are huge) from our house. Erin and myself came up with a good cycle and I was feeling more grateful than ever as I loaded my baby up, the dog up, and our clean, wet clothes that needed drying. Erin took some home to wash and dry, my friends in town did a few loads of wash and dry, and the laundromat kept busy.

My day consisted of scheduling in what time to dry laundry. It is amazing. My oils were key to keep those wet baskets waiting to be dried fresh smelling. Each load was baptized in some Purify, OnGuard, and Wild Orange! The laundromat smelled divine, as did the clothes. The same oils were wonderful at riding out smoke smell from the clothes that were hanging up in the garage.

In conclusion to out dryer debacle, I praise God for His protection and His grace. Being grateful is a choice that leads to so much joy. I challenge everyone to write five things everyday that they are grateful for. Every grateful thought and moment can be used. No gratefulness is unworthy of the paper. When we operate in the mindset of gratitude, we draw some pretty cool people and experiences our way. Studies have shown when we operate in grateful mode we have an immediate 10% increase in happiness and a 35% reduction of depressive symptoms. Children who are taught the importance of gratitude and practice it showed an inc