To Oil or Not to Oil During Pregnancy

To oil or not to oil during pregnancy, that is the question. I'm here to share my thoughts, my personal journey, and the decisions I’ve chosen based on the research that I’ve done over the years.

A huge congrats to all who are pregnant, and/or are holding their new babe! What a wonderful time, and may the research be in your favor. This is a great time to make sure you do what’s best for you and your baby. I love that you are doing your research. That’s so important.

When it comes to studies that advocate NO internal use or to avoid certain oils, the studies were done with impure oils, large doses per the subjects body size, usually a mouse, and have been grossly overused.

We also can see the the toxic constituents are not always the active chemical compound. Toxicity can happen when we consume more than our body can metabolize and we stress out our processing organs.

Broccoli can help regenerate your skin due to it containing glucoraphanin–an organic compound that is unique to broccoli and cauliflower. When the dosage of internal use exceeds what the body needs we now have toxicity issues. It’s important to use what your body request/needs, and stay away from what your body is saying no too. The NAHA, which is a very conservative group, says there has never been a death from essential oil usage in the recorded history of essential oils, never.

There’s more concern over food coloring, synthetic additives, gmo, MSG, and many other hormone disrupters that we consume daily, if not multiple times a day. They are offered to the baby via the placenta that can have suboptimal effects on normal hormone delivery and during intricate developmental stages.

Many midwives use oils, as do many allopathic doctors and ND! I love the movement and recent studies coming from Vanderbilt and John Hopkins.

I use essential oils without hesitation. All of them in remedying mamas ailments. We dilute, and use solid caution knowing mama's skin is more sensitive due to her extra blood flow.

An oil works with the body’s natural defense mechanisms. If a mama is having a high risk pregnancy, we avoid oils as they will support the body as it works through some challenges to hold the pregnancy. If the body is having a challenge holding the pregnancy, oils like sage, basil, will support the body trying to spot or miscarry as they are uterine tonics.

When it comes to a healthy, normal pregnancy I use all oils with proper dilution. If you don’t feel led to a certain oil then by all means don’t use it! Maybe internal use isn’t what your body is telling you, rather you are led to diffuse and apply topically. There’s so many options on how to use oils, you’ll be sure to find a recipe. They are very effective in aiding mama in reducing aches, pains, and digestive issues!

The most important thing is to listen to your body and take older studies with a thankful heart and research the new info. Check out,, and researching work done from the third party testers dōTERRA uses. This along with the panel of doctors that back the efficacy of essential oils as a fabulous modality if care for everyone, pregnant or not!

Good luck on your journey. Let your body lead you toward what it’s needs and have an amazing pregnancy. Joy and peace be yours!

- Korina

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