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Andaluz Waterbirth Center

This place holds my heart. I have to thank the Lord for lining up the opportunity for me to transfer into their care 12 years ago, when I was 7 months pregnant. My story on how I learned about Andaluz was a miracle in and of itself. I'm incredibly grateful to have given birth to all four of my boys with these incredible women. Andaluz Waterbirth Center gave me the confidence to birth with choices. Those sliding door moments with my midwives created a ripple effect of security, boldness, and trust that imprinted into my being.

I carry my births with me, even subconsciously, in everything. Motherhood is a transformation that has brought me success, courage and persistence. My births were the catalysts to where I am now with my businesses. Without these experiences, my personal journey would look very different. Wisdom has been drawn from my birthing experiences in critical areas such as health, nutrition, pelvic floor health, self love, emotional healing/care, newborn care, bonding, just to name just a few.

My current profession as a birth doula and essential oil educator allows me to support, and hold space with families daily. My goal is to give them what Andaluz game me; options, empowerment. Being a birth doula has been a God calling, that knocks me to my knees with a humble heart. Birth is a miracle that has captured my heart. Every single blessed birth I've had the honor to witness is a once in a lifetime experience.

From conception to delivery, this profound journey shapes us. A transformation will happen, how do you want it to look? If you're having a baby, or plan to, please don't settle on the first care providers office you land in. Visit the options, starting by giving this center a call, and setting up a free consult with knowledgeable, skilled, loving women! Options are yours for the taking, Sister!