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Summertime, Family, & Oils!

The sun has appeared and that means family gatherings! My favorite oil for these long awaited, outdoor, adventures is Correct-X! This ointment is not petroleum based, and it's got many oils to support healing, and reducing scars.

These people are some of the most dearest people in my life. My brothers and sister get to be my oily guinea pigs, my older kids are becoming oil experts finding solutions for those who listen. My two littles are pint size oil experts (don't mind the mean mug baby K 🤣), and my parents who support all my life adventures. They all have been pivotal and very inspirational in growing a successful business! Of course my husband is my rock, my biggest fan, my encourager, and my best friend. Blessings are abundant, and my plan is to use all that God brings into my life as a tool to pass the love along. Cheers to Celebrating Life! I'd love to have you join my oily family and be empowered to come up solutions and be the healer that God creates us to be!