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Why Not Buy Cheaper Oils?

A friend messaged me last night. A friend with a huge heart who is an avid oil user. She sent me a link to another brand of oils that's on sale. The link looked like a great deal, and even "100% pure oil!" She got me thinking on all the reasons I buy, build, and share dōTERRA. Here is how I responded after an evening of delving deep into this question: "There are many reasons, I will only purchase from dōTERRA, and believe in a solid network marketing companies that practice with people in mind. I know dōTerra is growing, harvesting, testing their oils and their integrity is outstanding. Through the MLM model, I'm able to empower people to get their oils paid for, supplement or even replace their income, all while putting healing tools in their cabinets, purses, and cars. Each bottle I buy with dōTerra also helps sustain villages throughout the globe, due to the beautiful network marketing model. Because we all work together, we network together, we choose to be part of a company that has giving high on the agenda. With dōTerra, we bring the very basics of human needs, the basics that NOBODY should be in need for basic things like food and water. Clean water is piped in for our farmers and their communities, instantly creating a mind shift, allowing hope to set in! Our partnerships allows this basic need to be met so the men and women can focus on the next goal. They can aspire towards their dreams. The beauty of life is in view, because they now have clean water and meals. It's truly amazing. Without using your drop of oil to tend to your families wellness, these beautiful people around the globe wouldn't have a chance otherwise. You, sitting at home, purchasing the PUREST oils on the market, are making dreams a reality for your fellow humans all over the world! I so love that I'm helping put a dent in the ugly world of children sex trafficking. The strong partnership we have with Operation Underground Railroad, who uses Hope oil to change lives, is bringing them the ability to break loose from their captives, and rehabilitate. One of the other non-profits that dōTerra supports include, Days For Girls. This nonprofit gives girls the ability to make reusable feminine hygiene, care for themselves properly, and keep attending school!! dōTERRA loves their farmers, cares for their well being, and wants them to know they are a priceless gift to us, thus birthed Co-Impacting Sourcing. It's the backbone of ensuring farmer, plant, and product are ALL treated with the utmost honor, because without one the whole process becomes weakened. dōTERRA is building schools, piping in clean water, bringing in food, and overall laying a foundation of hope, to otherwise despaired people. 3/4 of our partnerships are in 3rd world countries. By purchasing oils each month, 1-100, and sharing this gift with others, we are creating a ripple effect of positive change, that's so exciting! It brings me great joy to be a missionary from my home, from what I do as a business, and from tak