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It's Launch Day!

Today is the start of something wonderful! After working for what seems like an eternity to get my page ready to launch. I know you, and you, and YOU will be looking for something that stands out from all the other info laced oil websites you run across.

My life is full of learning moments. I'm a pro at creating seriously awesome ones too. If you want to learn about oils and the life of a birth doula, well you've come to the right place!

Essential oils and doula work play an important part in all I do. Let's get real about a few things. I hate the smell of most oils. I love the health benefits of all the oils, and my passion is to educate, and help all my team members find exactly what they want with dōTERRA. I plan to be open about my life journey with four rambunctious boys, their rad dad, my stellar father-in-law, and plan to call this ongoing saga, "6 Men & A Mom!"

My goal to get you weekly blogs about the grandest shenanigans of the week and add you to my blossoming team of oilers because everyone needs more oil in their life! This week I encourage everyone to find some balance. Chill out and find some quiet-the-mind-time by applying the grounding blend to the back of their necks and to their temples! Go tackle the week with less freak out moments! Cheers my friends!