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dōTERRA's Source to You Website

You have asked and dōTERRA has answered! They have launched the Source to You website. It allows you to access a plethora of info that pertains to your safety, health, and knowledge. You even have the power to look up 3rd party test results for your individual oils! Once visiting the Source to You website, be sure to cruise through each leaf including the center "YOU" tab. All of these leaves encompass you and your family's wellness. It's our commitment to give you a feeling of transparency, and support. Each leaf's topic offers unmatched details that are guaranteed to enlighten you, stretch your thinking and open the door for more questions.

Education is so important. This empowers the consumer to make choices they are confident in, giving a modality of care that's gentle, pure, and effective. As of November 1st you can type in the lot number from the bottom of your bottle to see the third party testing results! How AMAZING is this? Right now the GC/MS testing will be offered with more to follow! Exciting times and it's an honor to work with my team.

If you've been on the cusp of starting your oil journey I strongly encourage you to contact me so I can help you find the specific oils designated for your needs. It's truly an honor to serve people as they search for preventative and alternative health modalities for their families. Celebrating Life has mentor programs for everyone; avid oil users, people sharing and wanting to get oils paid for, and those who are replacing their incomes by growing a business with dōTERRA.