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My Crazy, Wonderful Life

Maybe you've felt as I have, in this amazing journey of motherhood; of simply putting your head into the sand, and pretending that peaceful bliss is yours. May my insane, yet amazing life experiences bless you.

This morning's beautiful overcast skies greeted me as I woke up. I grabbed the yelling 12 month old, baby Kaleb, from his room to sit and nurse in the living room. I sit with him after he's filled up on milk, because he has a meltdown each time my statue like frame, moves. The fear of me disappearing into thin air, is too much for him to bear. I put his mind at ease and hold my spot on the sofa, as he played around my feet. He occasionally would glance up with a gummy smile and his sweet dimples.

My 4 year old awakened, fumbled into the kitchen, and grabbed the cereal. Kaleb is also hungry and walked with a drunken sailor pattern to join his brother. Kaleb and Jordan sit down to eat healthy coco pebbles, and a sunflower butter and jelly sandwich; in which it appears the food had become confetti and is flying around in a celebration style. Kaleb's hair and arms received a healthy dose of the celebration. After a quick dust off, both boys were transported to the bath, which they had fun for an hour.

The tub gave us time to sing the ABC song, go over colors and talk about sharing! The bathtub must come to an end, so other household needs can be tended to. Kaleb was scooped out, dried and dressed, while I gave solid directions for Jordan to succeed in dressing himself. Both boys were now dressed, praise the Lord.

As the tub drained, I cleaned up the floor around the table where the food confetti celebration took place.