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Our Birth Story

I cannot begin to explain what a God send Korina Buehrer was during my pregnancy. She was my doula for my 3rd pregnancy, and was very accommodating throughout the process. 


After deciding that this would be our last child, I wanted to try the natural path instead of what I did with my previous two children. Korina was there with advice, recommendations, and tons of support! She did a total belly cast during my 8th month of pregnancy, and I absolutely love it! She was on call 24 hours a day when the time got close.    


After ultimately deciding to be induced after going past 40 weeks, she was supportive. Korina was at the hospital at 6am after an hour and a half drive to be there for my husband and I. She brought along her essential oils to help with any ailment we happened to need help with. She made the room smell heavenly with her diffuser she brought and put wild orange essential oil into it knowing that I love citrus smells. 

She knew what I wanted for a birth plan and made it known what I wanted to the doctor and staff in a very kind manner. When repeatedly asked if I wanted the epidural, she asked the hospital staff at my request to please discontinue asking that.


When I finally started contracting, the nurse noticed that my baby was lying anterior, and he needed to turn. Korina did robozo on me and successfully turn him to the right position to labor. When active labor started, she was very supportive with my husband and I. She helped me by telling me to keep low tones during a contraction.  She also was very intent that absolutely no one said the word “pain”, and instead said, “intensity” or “rushes." 

At one point the staff lost my baby’s heartbeat and I had to continue to move so they could get it. Korina was right there letting me know everything was okay, and this happens. I delivered my 6lb 5oz baby boy Eli on fours, with my husband catching him in the end, and Korina was right up with me with such a continuing support that I am so grateful for.   

I would not have been able to do this without her. She helped give the courage to know that my body can do this and I will do wonderful at it. If anyone wants someone they know they can rely, on this the person. She is a beautiful, kind hearted, genuine woman, and I am so grateful to call her a friend, and to have her there to help me with the birth of my son.

"A woman in birth is at her

most powerful and most

vulnerable. But any woman

who has birthed unhindered

understands that we are

stronger than we know."

- Marci Macari

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