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This collection of oils and supplements is a great way to start healthy habits for you and your family. 


It is the featured kit at this year's Healthy Habits Tour that is hitting over 100 cities over the US and Canada this spring.  This free event is well worth a visit.

Click the appropriate button below to find the event nearest you.

What's in the kit?

  • On Guard® (5 mL)—Use to support immunity

  • Balance® (5 mL)—Use to lessen stress and anxious feelings

  • Frankincense (5 mL)—Use to promote cellular health

  • Lemon (5 mL)—Add to water to help release toxins

  • Lavender (5 mL)—Use to assist with restful sleep and stress management

  • Deep Blue® Rub—Use topically where needed before and after your workout

  • Lifelong Vitality Pack®: xEO Mega®, Alpha CRS®+, Microplex VMz®—Maximize your daily nutrient intake

  • DigestZen® Supplements: DigestZen TerraZyme®, PB Assist®+—Support digestion and optimize your gastrointestinal tract

Ordering Details
This collection is available at a reduced price for the months of April & May.

As an enrollment kit: $158usd (reg price $220; saving $62usd)
For current customers: $148usd (reg price $185; saving $37usd)

As an enrollment kit: $178cdn (reg price $252; saving $74cdn)
For current customers: $168cdn (reg price $210; saving $42)

Other Details:
These prices are available through end of May. If you are a current customers, you can purchase on LRP


Special note for Canadians:
The PB Assist Probiotic is not yet approved for sale in Canada, which is the reason the Canadian kit doesn’t include it.  If you would like to purchase the collection from the US warehouse which includes the PB Assist (which I highly recommend!), your cost would be:

As an enrollment kit from the US warehouse: $167.50usd (approx $217cdn)

For current customers from the US warehouse: $156.80usd (approx $203cdn)



If you purchase this collection on the day of one of the Health Habits tours, and come to the event and show proof of purchase or order at the event, you are going to go home with a FREE bottle of Copaiba. If you’re a brand new customer purchasing this as an enrollment kit, you’re going to receive a FREE Balance Blend along with a FREE Copaiba!

As an enrollment kit, you will have a wholesale access pass to purchase doTERRA throughout the year
whenever you want at 25% off. If you can’t attend one of the Health Habits events, and you want to purchase this collection now, click the button below:

The link above will enroll you with me.  If you are currently working with another dōTERRA leader, please connect with them to purchase.

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