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We arrived at the cottage at 4:30 am where our midwife, Jennifer, met us. We got all of our stuff settled in. Jennifer checked my cervix to see what we were dealing with. To all of our surprise I was at a 3! We were definitely going to be having a baby soon. At that point I was too uncomfortable to sleep and to amped up knowing it was the real thing. Michael and Korina both helped me work through the contractions. Before I knew it the sun was coming up. As the morning progressed the contractions got stronger, along with that I had no appetite and felt very nauseous. I was able to choke down a banana. Korina had peppermint oil and a pain roll on she made up. Those were my new best friends!

Our Birth Story

It was 3:00 am on Sunday morning. I was trying to sleep on the couch, which had become my best friend for the last week. I was experiencing “practice” labor since the Wednesday before. Since that Wednesday, I was having contractions every four to five minutes. I knew this time it was different because they were happening one to two minutes apart and lasting a minute long. At that point I messaged my doula, Korina Buehrer, filling her in on what was going on. She said lets have us a baby mama! I woke up my husband, messaged my mother to come and be with our two year old daughter. My husband and I started grabbing things to load up in the van (most of it already being packed from our false alarm the Wednesday prior). My mom arrived around 3:30 and we were on our way to meet Korina and follow her to the birthing cottage.

Jennifer returned back from church and Patricia said her goodbyes and good luck! Shortly after Jennifer returned, her student Yada brought a birthing ball. Which also became my best friend. It was the only way I could get off my feet for a while. I was even able to lay my head on the bead while sitting on the birthing ball and relax a little. The sun was slowly starting to go down so Michael and I resorted to the tub one more time. The contractions were coming stronger and closer together. Michael would rub and apply pressure to my lower back; it was the only thing that would make the contractions somewhat bearable. After being in the tub what seemed like an eternity (our skin was white and pruned) I insisted on Jennifer checking my cervix. Depending on the outcome I was ready to get out of the water and try to sleep. It had been a long day and I wasn’t sure how much longer we had to go. Korina asked if I was sure I wanted to know where I was at, I demanded it lol. Jennifer came in and checked me. She looked up with a smile and said “Honey your at a 9”!!!

Eleven o’clock rolled around and Jennifer was leaving to attend Father’s day service with her family. Another midwife she works with was brought in to stay with us, her name is Patricia. Shortly after she arrived she checked my cervix to see if I was progressing. Again to all of our surprise I was at a 5! Which was amazing in itself as my previous pregnancy I stalled at a 3. It was great to hear things were happening! Still with no appetite I filled up on water, kept peppermint by my side and chewed peppermint gum. Michael however having an appetite took a quick lunch break while Korina was by my side. After his lunch break we decided to walk around outside get some fresh air enjoy the light drizzle outside. We also got in the shower and the tub plenty of times for pain management. 

At that point I knew it was time to switch positions, I was ready to meet my baby and lay in bed with relief. I switched to leaning over the tub to help move her down more. Trying to push her down with each contraction. After about two contractions in that position my water broke. It took another two contractions in that position for all of my water to fully come out. The pressure was instantly relieved for about 10 seconds. Then hello it was back in full force! I decided to switch back to leaning on Michael, pushing with each contraction. Jennifer checked again and I had a cervical lip that was keeping me from fully dilating. Jennifer was able to relieve that lip. I was pushing with everything my body had. I could feel her head starting to come out. At that point Korina told me to reach down and feel my baby. One of the most amazing feelings ever by the way! After a few contractions later and pushing with all I have, I was able to catch my own baby and bring her up to my chest. I had successfully had a vaginal birth after a cesarean. 


Happiness and relief filled the room. She was beautiful and healthy, most definitely perfect! 30 minutes later I birthed the placenta while still in the tub. While I got out of the tub to be assessed, Michael stayed in the tub with our new daughter. We Kept her attached to the placenta until the umbilical cord completely stopped pulsating. Michael and myself were able to take turns showering off and getting ready for a night of rest. After we showered we sat down to eat and so our daughter Meadow could be assessed. After all of that was finished, Michael cut her umbilical cord. After an eventful day we were all ready for a night of rest.


Thanks to the help of Yada, Jennifer, Korina and Michael we welcomed a beautiful 9lb 2oz baby girl 100% naturally! There is no way I could’ve done it so calmly and easy without their help!


A main reason I chose to share my birth story, besides its beautiful and my doula insisting, I really want women to know that they run the show and there are options for you. You don’t have to go by the doctor’s rules. I was a previous C-section patient, who was induced when I was told to and when I stalled at a 3 was told we need to do a C-section due to swelling. Any normal women when hears swelling involving their unborn baby is going to get a little freaked and agree with the doctors. She was 8lbs 11oz. Those same doctors told me even if I had a 7lb baby I couldn’t deliver naturally. In their faces! I delivered a 9lb 2oz baby! Pushing for only 20 minutes and no stitches needed! In their faces!! Believe in yourself and your body, God created us to do this amazing thing. Give your body a chance and don’t give up!

"Although birth is only one day in the life of a woman, it has an imprint on her for the rest of her life."

-Justine Caines

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