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"I am a holistic doctor..."

Julie Montgomery

I am a holistic doctor and the best use of this for me is on the back of the neck to help someone stay in parasympathetic dominance (rest, relax and heal) instead of sympathetic dominance (fight or flight) - I love it .

"This is amazing for severe anxiety in dogs!"

Breanna Hess

This is amazing for severe anxiety in dogs! Apply topically or to the tongue or roof of the mouth. (I don’t do a drop, mostly a dab on my finger).

"Roman Chamomile is the best oil for our dog friends..."

Audra Robinson

Sometimes friends ask our mom how their dogs can be calm, cool and collected all the time like we are Listen humans, it didn’t happen overnight. We used to be crazy hyperactive maniacs before our mom started using doTERRA Essential Oils These little brown bottles help us on a daily basis, and we are always learning something new about them. Yesterday mom found out Roman Chamomile is the best oil for our dog friends who deal with severe anxiety Have your mom mix a drop with coconut oil, and give you a neck and back massage. If you’re feeling extra super duper anxious (UPS delivery days or the 4th of July or when your mom tells you to be quiet even though there is a bear right outside the window ) your mom can put a drop of Roman Chamomile on her finger then dab your tongue or the roof of your mouth to calm you down. This oil doubles up as the powerhouse oil to take the pain and swelling away after a wasp or bee sting too.

"...His whole body cleared up!"

Roger Web

My son had a massive skin reaction. Likely, an allergic reaction. We tried EVERYTHING. Nothing helped with the itching or the welts that were getting worse. I heard Blue Tansy would help. We applied a little bit directly to the biggest flare up on his arm. Within 15 minutes, his WHOLE BODY was cleared up! We made a spray that he used twice a day, and it worked like a charm!

"Helps with hives."

Steve and Brenda Brown

My nephew started getting severe hives, where his throat swells shut, yes, serious stuff here. They don't know what he is allergic to, but she uses blue tansy and it has been life saving. Before, their only option was an ER visit, and FAST. Here is what she said: "He puts 1-2 drops under his tongue when he is getting hives sort of in place of a steroid shot. It works best if you catch it right away though. If he feels his throat start to swell he also uses it the same way. Topical didn't seem to work much for him."

"Within about two weeks, the redness in my cheeks was GONE."

Audra Robinson

You guys! I have NEVER ever ever ever had rosacea and in the past 6 months my cheeks started lighting up with bright red spots all bundled together (I know it was gut health related as I had indulged in a little sugar, dairy and gluten - because #YOLO). I was using YarrowIPOM and Verage Immortelle Serum, and about two months ago I decided to copy Emily Wright with her Blue Tansy and Verage Immortelle Serum routine. Within about two weeks, the redness in my cheeks was GONE. Completely gone AND I did have ice cream this month in celebration of National Ice Cream Month

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